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In 1943, H&S Bakery was founded by Greek immigrants, Harry Tsakalos and Steve Paterakis, in the basement of a Baltimore rowhome. Steve’s son, John Paterakis Sr., grew the business with the addition of H&S’s first Automatic Rolls plant in 1962, and the handshake between John Paterakis & Ray Kroc in 1965 – starting a long term & successful relationship with McDonald’s. By 2004, H&S expanded into the retail markets acquiring Schmidt Baking Company and Ottenberg’s Bakery.

With the growing demand for bread, H&S became the largest privately owned bakery in the U.S. John Paterakis used to say, “I’m just a little Greek baker that got lucky.” After acquiring waterfront property accidently and with a little bit of luck, he was able to develop the Harbor East neighborhood, a once concrete industrial site that is now a thriving mixed-use epicenter of hotels, restaurants, shops, and residences on Baltimore’s iconic waterfront.

Starting as Greek immigrants with one small rowhome and growing into a successful bakery and real estate company was no easy task, but John’s 4 sons – Steve, Bill, Chuck and JR – work hard to continue the family legacy, baking buns for fast food chains, grocery stores, schools, charity organizations, and more.

Despite the success of H&S, the Paterakis family felt there was something missing– a place in Baltimore for the community to experience their baking roots and to break bread together. The “next gens” of the family, grandchildren of John Paterakis, teamed up to create Kneads, a bakeshop & café inspired by a shared familial history of artisanal craft, infused with the advancements in baking technology, enveloped in an elegant blend between rustic and contemporary aesthetics. The next gens, Adam, Kira, Shawn, and Ryan Paterakis, are proud to present, Kneads Bakeshop!


To be Baltimore’s leading artisan bread destination, no matter how small the “Knead.”


We share the art of baking with our Baltimore family through exceptional quality, a new age of artisan craft, and total transparency, creating a warm & welcoming atmosphere to break bread together.


Quality, Transparency, Family History, Locality

Branding Statement

From humble beginnings, one small bakery in Baltimore has grown to become a staple in our community. We want to combine H&S’s history with the new age of artisan craft, creating a one-of-a-kind brand and experience, giving a modern face to H&S Bakery. We want people to see it, touch it, and taste it, to have a full sensory experience. As soon as you walk through the doors, we’re dedicated to you and your “Kneads,” whether that’s a coffee to go, or meeting with colleagues, we are here to provide a space of comfort, a space that can unleash your creativity, and a space where Baltimore becomes a family.